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Fun on tap at Sydney’s craft brewery bars

In Sydney’s inner-West, they’re serious enough about their little breweries to operate the Inner West Brewery Association, a key advocate breathing oxygen into the city’s microbrewery tourism scene. Presently, there are 13 micro breweries in the area. Last September marked the enactment of a trial to see how craft breweries fare operating as bars. What … Continued

Making memories in Sydney lanes

Melbourne might be Australia’s laneway capital but Sydney has transformed its own share of once-glum laneways into vibrant destinations in recent years, thanks to the City of Sydney’s Laneway Revitalisation Strategy. More than 50 city-centre laneways of many stripes abound and many more drawcards await beyond. Whether you’re bag is mural-stamped laneways with an urban … Continued

Plenty of fun to crow about at NSW’s farms

Sydney’s family farms are perfect places for tourists and animal lovers to experience intimacy with an ensemble cast of farm favourites. Farm visits aren’t all milking cows, petting guinea pigs and hand-feeding horses however. If you’re with kids, expect them to beeline for the playgrounds. Expect to learn about sustainability and agricultural history, try farm-fresh … Continued

Helitourism is the height of fun for Sydney tourists

Helicopters are a one-of-a-kind way to travel. Arena rock bands, politicians and tycoons will all tell you that. Not that you need to be a tycoon, politician or arena rock god to find out for yourself. Not in Sydney. The city offers a variety of affordably-priced helicopter tours that showcase spectacular views of Sydney landmarks … Continued

Don’t stall visiting Sydney’s markets in summer

Inner-Sydney’s community markets aren’t the place to find farmers selling handfuls of warty pumpkins on rickety tables any more. But there’s plenty of upside. As the humble local markets of halcyon times have evolved into more expansive tourist attractions, they have developed infectious spirits of festivity. Sydney is blessed with inner-city markets that will delight … Continued

All there is to know about Sydney’s trivia nights

Trivia quiz question: which bars in Sydney encourage you to carry on like a know-it-all and reward you for your form? Answer: a lot of them, thanks to Sydney’s trivia night scene. Trivia performs two key community functions. It gets you out socialising and it transforms the bar into a social destination on a night … Continued

Sydney’s unsung sports

Australia’s sports-loving culture is typically associated with codes like the AFL and NRL but there is a slew of unsung sports and events in Sydney that are great alternatives in their own unique ways. Sports like roller derby and Australian pro wrestling might be niche but the fan bases are devout. Often, all it takes … Continued

Life on the edge at Sydney’s amusement parks

Whether you ogle a roller coaster from the car park, at its foot or while you hang upside down in it, it’s hard not to make the same kinds of remarks. Chiefly: “Woah!” and “Surely not!” Rides are just one part of an amusement park’s allure however. The laughing clown games, the flashing neon and … Continued

Deep-diving into Sydney’s public pool scene

We know Sydney’s beaches are world-renowned but, alas, there’s no solace there for the sand averse. The alternative, however, is a formidable one. Sydney is abundant with public pools that are cheap, accessible and friendly to the needs of all manner of water lovers. If you’re serious about laps, you’ll find venues fit for Olympians. … Continued

Sydney Festival is a cool place to go for summer in Sydney

There’s a surplus of reasons to visit Sydney in the middle of summer. The beaches are abuzz, the beer gardens are humming and the walking paths are hives for personal bests. But if you want some culture with your sun, chief among your reasons to visit the city this summer ought to be Sydney Festival. … Continued