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Sydney Festival is an arts and culture bonanza

Sydney Festival has been one of the city’s leading exponents of arts and culture experiences since 1977. In 2020, good news is, you can expect more of the same on that front. The festival, which takes place between 8th-26th January next year and stages hundreds of events for hundreds of thousands of visitors, is firming … Continued

Food courtship in Sydney

Food courts infested with Bain Marie trolls digging up globs of fried yellow ooze for the brave aren’t hard to find in Sydney but there are definitely alternatives. Today’s best food courts garner Michelin Stars. They provide healthy options to vegans, vegetarians and meat-lovers alike, and showcase the stories and cuisines of many cultures. Sydney … Continued

Seeing the unseen at Art Gallery of NSW

The supernatural might be all about the unseen but the unseen of the supernatural world will be unmissable when they appear at Art Gallery of NSW between November 2 2019-March 8 2020. Japan Supernatural, an exhibition featuring more than 180 works of art by late and living luminaries of the Japanese art world puts the … Continued

Gently down the creek

Rowboats are a one-of-a-kind vessel. Less hectic than kayaks. More social than canoes. They provide an eye into the natural world at just the clip to bring it vividly to life. In Sydney, it’s well and truly the season for rowboating. The picturesque natural surroundings are positively blossoming and the days are warm but sane … Continued

A spring festival of social difference in Newtown

At Song Hotel, we’re all for good causes. After all, as Australia’s only profit-for-purpose hotel, our profits are directed to programs that focus on women’s empowerment and leadership, eliminating violence against women and children, and providing safe spaces. Our very mission is to create social difference. Which is why we are pleased to put the … Continued

The Oktoberfest party continues in Sydney for 2019

Oktoberfest in the Gardens, Australia’s biggest Oktoberfest event, celebrates its 19th year this year, with stops in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. If that’s not a beer-raising cause for celebration, there’s no such thing as a beer-raising cause for celebration. But let not the Bavarian glass-chinking end there. Oktoberfest in the Gardens Sydney is set … Continued

A garden feast in Sydney

Plants are commonly adopted as benign natural ornaments to beautify homes, gardens and public spaces — but there’s another side to them too. And it’s on show right now at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Plants With Bite, which is housed in the Calyx, is your window into the no-holds-barred universe of carnivorous plants. It’s … Continued

Discover Sydney on an Aboriginal Tours

One of the best ways to get started discovering more about Sydneys rich Aboriginal heritage is to participate in a dedicated Aboriginal tour. As Australia’s first peoples are the oldest living culture on earth, the Australian history visitors to Sydney learn extends far beyond the history of European settlement. By learning about indigenous Australians connection to … Continued

Pyrmont Festival

It’s been a long-time coming but spring-fever is well and truly blossoming. Out with the throw blankets, hot chocolate and umbrellas and hello the great outdoors. A breath of fresh air it is then, indeed, to turn our attention to the Pyrmont Festival, which is slated to take place this September. The Pyrmont Festival, which … Continued