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Sydney’s unsung sports

Australia’s sports-loving culture is typically associated with codes like the AFL and NRL but there is a slew of unsung sports and events in Sydney that are great alternatives in their own unique ways. Sports like roller derby and Australian pro wrestling might be niche but the fan bases are devout. Often, all it takes … Continued

Life on the edge at Sydney’s amusement parks

Whether you ogle a roller coaster from the car park, at its foot or while you hang upside down in it, it’s hard not to make the same kinds of remarks. Chiefly: “Woah!” and “Surely not!” Rides are just one part of an amusement park’s allure however. The laughing clown games, the flashing neon and … Continued

Deep-diving into Sydney’s public pool scene

We know Sydney’s beaches are world-renowned but, alas, there’s no solace there for the sand averse. The alternative, however, is a formidable one. Sydney is abundant with public pools that are cheap, accessible and friendly to the needs of all manner of water lovers. If you’re serious about laps, you’ll find venues fit for Olympians. … Continued

Sydney Festival is a cool place to go for summer in Sydney

There’s a surplus of reasons to visit Sydney in the middle of summer. The beaches are abuzz, the beer gardens are humming and the walking paths are hives for personal bests. But if you want some culture with your sun, chief among your reasons to visit the city this summer ought to be Sydney Festival. … Continued

Sydney’s street art is right before your eyes

Graffiti. Street art. Often the two are only distinguishable by legal status. In Sydney however, there is certainly plenty of support for spray-can artists. The lucky ones are commissioned to paint the streets and some are travelling the globe to do so. Of course, Sydney’s public art scene comprises more than just murals. Sculptures, installations … Continued

It’s hard to hold a candle to Christmas Carols in Sydney

Snow is synonymous with Christmas mythology but modern Australia is steeped in signature Christmas traditions all its own. Backyard cricket, meat sweats, wasps on the seafood and granny snoring on the spare bed after a potent eggnog are all commonplace. And Christmas Carols on balmy nights are too. In some neighbourhoods today, you’ll find Christmas … Continued

Short walks go a long way for Song Hotel guests

Sometimes one of the most liberating ways to experience a new city – or to rediscover the same one – is to lace up your walking shoes, pop open the front door and just do it. That’s true of Sydney. From Song Hotels’ doorsteps, you can set off on a number of themed waking adventures … Continued

Oz Comic-Con 2018

If you have a soft spot for all things comic culture, Oz Comic-Con is the place to be this September. Oz Comic-Con, which takes place on September 29-30 at ICC Sydney, is a mecca for fans eager to see the best exhibitors, celebrities, cosplay competitions, anime screenings, family experiences and panel events the culture has … Continued

Getting High in the Sky at Sydney’s Rooftop Bars

A rooftop bar is always a unique setting to down your favourite drink in. Indeed, open-air vistas that showcase skylines, horizons and street scenes imbue the city with a theatrical environmental quality that the ground-level can not. Sydney’s circuit of rooftop bars is characterised by its diversity too. With spring in full swing, you can … Continued