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Tour Sydney’s vintage stores for a new you

Mainstream shopping centres are the obvious starting point for retail therapy in the city but they’re so obvious there’s a chance you will end up in the same jumper as that shopper over there in the food court. Savvy fashion hounds know this. Savvy fashion hounds know there’s an alternative. Sydney is ample with second-hand … Continued

Pardon our French but Bastille Festival Sydney looks damn excellent

There’s no sign of a seven-year itch in Sydney as the seventh Bastille Festival Sydney nears its July calendar date. In fact, the festival is poised to eclipse its previous triumphs by wooing big crowds with a number of new additions this time. If you’re unfamiliar with Bastille Festival Sydney, it’s a free-entry celebration of … Continued

Light up your life at Vivid

In its 11th year, Sydney’s festival of light, music and ideas Vivid Sydney is showing every sign of continuing its reputation as one of Sydney’s must-experience calendar events. If you’re a long time fan, you’ll understand why the event attracted more than two million visitors and earned more than $170 million last year but if … Continued

The fun heats up for Winter Solstice

The winter solstice doesn’t have the profile of Christmas or Grand Final Day but, all the same, it’s more than just a lark for garden-variety teenage witches. In fact, the Winter Solstice is blessed with tradition that continues through the events of many countries and cultures across the globe — Australia included. In Sydney and … Continued

Relax: Sydney is here to pamper you

It can take a lot of exertion seeing all that Sydney. That’s the excuse to placate yourself with when your attention turns to the city’s very moreish variety of relaxation treatments. The health and wellness spa industry in Australia is valued at hundreds of millions — and Sydney plays a big part in it. There … Continued

Sydney International Film Festival turns 66

The Sydney International Film Festival (SIFF) has only pulled back the red curtain on 25 of the 250 films to screen at this year’s event but the precedent is already alluring, thanks to films such as Amazing Grace, Jesus and The Final Quarter. SIFF, which is slated to light up Sydney over 12 days and … Continued

Sydney military tourism that passes muster

There’s a lot more to military tourism in Sydney than inconspicuous bronze statues that pigeons make locals of themselves with — although there’s plenty of those statues too. But want to know a relatively obscure fact? Sydney Harbour itself is the setting of a Japanese invasion that took place at the dusk of WWII. If … Continued

Leafing through Sydney’s best bookshops

E-books, online bookshops and audiobooks have all been hailed as death knells for physical Australian bookshops at one point or another. But there’s a good reason why physical bookshops are still going strong today. Stocking the shelves with good books certainly helps but good bookshops have much more going for them in 2019. In Sydney, … Continued

Sky’s the limit for Sydney astro tourism

Nightlife in Sydney connotes anything from the hum of Kings Cross on a Saturday to the buzz of Newtown’s restaurants as the sun yawns over the King Street sky one last time. When you’re an astro tourist, however, nightlife takes on a whole new meaning altogether. Astro tourism, which is a far cry from the … Continued

Food tourism whets food lovers’ appetites for Sydney

Various food tourism data confirms what you might suspect: a lot of us put a pretty big premium on having our way with the local fare when we visit a new country, city or street. Some figures show that international tourists will splurge one dollar out of every five on food when they’re travelling. Which … Continued